I've found some of the best Water Types, and ask YOU to help decide who gets to be the NEXT Special Request Pokémuerto.

So, I live in Seattle. This is my first winter here, and they tell me it's going to rain for the next six months. With that in mind, I wanna know your favorite WATER TYPE Pokémon, and I'll turn it into a Pokémuerto. So whattya say? I'm not gonna limit you to any f

Cast your vote for your favorite WATER TYPE! And if you're interested, you may also qualify to win a sticker of the winning design.

Rules (if you're not interested in the sticker, please just select an option and hit "CAST MY VOTE.")

  1. If you're already on the update list, include your email with your vote and you'll be entered to win a sticker of the new design!
  2. If you're not on the list, yet, enter your email and name, and you'll be entered to win! You'll also be automatically subscribed to get updates on giveaways, special projects, and more!

Polling is now closed! Stay tuned for the winning Pokémuerto!