TREECKO! I CHOOSE YOU! [Special Request]

With more than 44% of the votes, you overwhelmingly chose Treecko! And here he is as the newest Pokémuerto!

I mean- how could you NOT like this lil guy?! I have to admit, I just watched the Giratina movie, and Shaymin has to be the cutest thing ever. If I were voting, I woulda probably voted for it. BUT! What can I say? Treecko is a freaking powerhouse. 

Ok, all the winner stickers have been ordered and should be making their way out soon.

If you didn't win, no worries, you can try again tomorrow when I open up voting for a NEW type of Pokémuerto! Or you can head right to the store and pick up a sticker of this sweet lil Grass-Type

Aaron BowersockComment